Laurel School District will hire highly qualified staff that represents the community and will respond to our changing needs. Because LSD is a majority-minority school district, it is imperative that the workforce of LSD is sensitive to the needs of its student population. In addition, the division must revise its recruitment and hiring practices to screen all candidates for an equity and excellence approach to their work. All LSD hires must view the uniqueness of the division as an asset and seek to celebrate the cultures that make our division so rich.

The LSD recruitment efforts will focus on building a diverse cadre of highly qualified candidates, not just for current vacancies, but also for future opportunities. The screening process will be consistent and rigorous for all candidates. We will interview each candidate before we offer him/her a Letter of Intent or an employment contract. The Letter of Intent will hold a stipulation that satisfactory references and criminal background checks are required before a candidate may be hired. Because the recruitment effort affects every office and school, principals, and Central office staff will be key participants in the screening and interviewing process. Their participation on trips, their feedback on the candidates and the
recruitment process, and their commitment to the characteristics of an ideal LSD candidate are
fundamental to the success of this recruitment plan.

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