Parent Center
The Laurel School District Parent Center is closed due to the building sustaining significant Tornado damage. A reopening date has not yet been determined.
Parents are their children’s first and most influential teachers.  The social, emotional, mental and physical development is dependent upon the family. We know that early years are the most important learning years, therefore, strong and healthy families are a MUST in helping to shape a child’s first years. Parent/Family Centers can help families meet the challenges of societal pressures and provide supportive educational programs and materials for children and families. The center can teach parents how to observe developmental growth of their children and how to support that growth in appropriate ways. We also offer programs that teach families how to develop a positive self-concept or self-esteem in all family members. This develops positive guidance techniques and the ability to accept responsibility. A Parent/Family center is an environment that promotes positive relationships between the family, school, and community.  Programs and services are provided to meet and support the community’s needs.