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Canvas is the Laurel School District adopted Learning Management System and the hub of the digital classroom. Students visit Canvas both at school and at home to check their calendar for upcoming due dates, access classroom materials, submit assignments and complete assessments. Parents can use Canvas to keep up with their student’s calendar and assignments. Accessing Canvas through the Canvas Parent Portal requires two simple steps:

  1. Get an Observer code from your student
  2. Sign up for a Parent Canvas account.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I get an observer code? 
    An observer code can be acquired by logging in to your student’s account and generating a code in his/her profile. View the tutorial below to follow the steps:
    View the Interactive Tutorial (click here)
    Step-by-Step File (click here)
  2. How do I register for a Parent Canvas account?
    Registering for a Parent Canvas account is simple. You can access the Parent Canvas Portal (click here) at under Families.
    View the Interactive Tutorial (click here)
    Step-by-Step File (click here)
  3. I forgot my Parent Canvas password. How do I recover it?
    Parents create their own password which the district does not have access to. If you forget your password, you can click on the Forgot Password? link on the Canvas Parent Portal. You will be prompted to enter your email address. Canvas will send a reset password link to the email address you entered.
  4. I have multiple students attending Laurel School District. Do I need different parent accounts for each student?
    Once you create a Canvas Parent account, you can link your other student’s to your Canvas Parent account. Follow the instructions below:
    a. Login to your Parent Canvas account. 
    b. Click Account
    c. Click Observing
    d. In the Observing page, type the Student Pairing Code for your other student.
  5. Is there a Canvas Parent app?
    Yes! There is a Canvas Parent app for iPhones and Android Devices. Click the links below to download the apps for free:
    iPhone Parent app
    Android Parent app
  6. How do I login to the Canvas Parent account using the app?
    There are two ways you can login. Make sure to create a Canvas Parent account first!
    Option 1
    a. Open the Canvas Parent app
    b. Click Find School
    c. Type laurelms and click Next.
    d. Type your email and password and click Log In

    Option 2
    a. Login to your Canvas Parent account on a separate computer. 
    b. Click Account. 
    c. Click QR for Mobile Login. 
    d. Click Proceed.
    e. Next, open up the Parent Canvas app.
    f. Click QR Code and choose “I have a Canvas account”
    g. Finally, click Next and scan the QR code displayed on your computer.
  7. How do I check grades for assignments completed in Canvas?
    Click any course in Canvas and click Grades. You can also open any assignment that is available and view the grade. However, please remember that Active Parent is the official gradebook of record at Laurel School District.
  8. Can I contact my student’s teacher through Canvas?
    Yes you can! 
    a. Log in to your Parent Canvas account and click Inbox. 
    b. Click the New Message icon
    c. Type the teacher’s last name and send your message. 
  9. I am having technical difficulties and need help. How can I make a request for support?
    We have launched a Help Desk for Parents to help you along the way. Simply go to and under the Help Desk menu, choose Parent. Fill out the form and someone will reach out to you as soon as possible.