Red Ribbon Week Theme Days

send a message. stay drug free. red ribbon week 2019 oct. 28 to nov. 1

2019 Theme: “Send a Message. Stay Drug Free.”

Monday, 10/28:  “Peace Out to Drugs” - Wear peace signs and/or tie dye clothing.

Teachers will discuss with their classes what character means and the history of Red Ribbon Week, distribute Red Ribbon items to the Student Body, Faculty, and Staff and Read Red Ribbon Story (DEA Special Agent Enrique “Kiki”)

Tuesday, 10/29:  “Twins Win Against Drugs” - Grab as many friends as you want & dress like twins.

Teachers will discuss signs & symptoms of alcohol & drug abuse, making good choices and staying healthy.

Wednesday, 10/30:  “I’m a Jean-ius, I’m Drug Free” - Wear your jeans and denim to “JEAN-OUT”!

Discuss the effects of alcohol & drugs on physical and mental health (achievement in school & life). Create and sign Pledge Posters (in each classroom).

Thursday, 10/31:  “Say BOO to Drugs” - Dress as your Favorite Character.  NO weapons

Discuss the effects tobacco on physical and mental health (achievement in school & life).

Friday, 11/1: “Wear Your RED Clothes Backwards Day” - Wear your RED clothes on Backwards to “Turn Your Back on Drugs”!

Teachers will give class a few minutes to discuss the new information that was learned over the past week.