School Counselor

Darcey Martin

School Counselor

Karrah Goar


The mission of  the Counseling Department is to support the mission of the school district by addressing the academic, personal/social and career needs of students through our sequential guidance program.

Message to Parents and Students

It is important to recognize that your middle school years are an important transition from pre-adolescence to adolescence. It is a time to explore your interests while you prepare for challenges of post primary education, the present secondary education opportunities, and all the other complex responsibilities, of an ever changing world.


The goal of the Counselor’s Office is to assist students in gaining self-understanding as a basis for setting constructive life goals which are consistent with one’s abilities, interests, and aptitudes.  By stretching your limits now,  more opportunities will await you in the future.

 The School Counselor’s Role

  • Provide individual counseling to meet the immediate needs of students
  • Organize group sessions when needed
  • Respond to crisis situations and serve on the school crisis team
  • Facilitate student development in the areas of academic, personal/social and career planning
  • Consult and collaborate with teachers, administrators, parents, community organizations and agencies
  • Conduct Parent conferences
  • Refer students and parents to district resources and community agencies

Counseling Curriculum

School Counselors teach students at all grade levels to:

  • Respect themselves and others
  • Set realistic goals for their future and attain them
  • Learn skills necessary for school success
  • Demonstrate effective communication and conflict resolution strategies
  • Apply responsible decision-making skills in their daily lives
  • Investigate career options and opportunities
  • Understand how academics leads to life success